About Us

Founded in 1996 HUG is a network of people living in the Scottish Highlands who have experience of mental ill health. We have a membership group of over three hundred members with 13 branches throughout the Highlands.

HUG's Aims

Our main aim is to improve the way in which we, as users of mental health services are treated; by campaigning to improve the rights, services and treatment of people with mental health problems, and to challenge stigma and discrimination.

Furthermore, we aim:

  • to represent the interests of users of mental health services living in the Highlands
  • to provide information on mental health issues
  • to identify gaps in services
  • to find ways of improving services
  • to participate in the planning and management of services
  • to challenge stigma and break down discrimination against people with mental health issues
  • to pass on information and news amongst mental health groups in the Highlands
  • to increase knowledge about resources, alternative treatments and rights for service users
  • to promote co-operation between agencies concerned with mental health
  • to promote equality of opportunity

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